This is just some work I produced for my Art Foundation based on 'Natural & Man Made Architecture'.

DIY | Toasted Tortillas with Egg & Avocado Dippers

1 Avocado
2 Eggs
1 Lime
1/2 Tortillas
1. Pre-heat oven to 230˚c or 450˚f.
2. Cut your avocado in half and remove the stone. Using a spoon scrape out as little avocado as possible so that it will be big enough to accommodate an egg. Squeeze lime juice over both halves and sprinkle some salt for seasoning.
3. Break one egg into each half, trying your best to keep the yolk intact (that's the tastiest bit!) and don't worry if some of the egg white spills over.
4. Place them on a baking tray - propped against one another if they're a bit unstable - in the middle of the oven for 10 to 12 minutes until the whites are set and the yolk looks runny.
5. Finally, toast your tortillas on a pan or sandwich press, alternatively just warm them up in the microwave, and cut them into triangles or however you like the shape of your dippers.

Voila! Enjoy.

LIFE | Dimepiece @ The W Hotel

Last thursday I was in London, yet again, ready to party and ready to shoot.

My friends from Dimepiece LA came over to London to showcase their brand with an impressive party at The W Hotel. Whilst I wasn't impressed with the power-tripping door girl refusing me entry and £15.82 Mojitos, I was impressed with the amazing tunes coming from the DJs and the American vibes channelling through the party. I also visited my musician friend Macc Mello in the day for american diner food and pre-party mojitos.

The next day was hot. I travelled to Tottenham Hale to shoot Dopechefs new collection, and to my slight amusement, when I got there I was greeted by a boat. Shooting on a boat - that's one to tick off my bucket list.

LIFE | London

I am writing this from the luxury of my train seat after almost missing it, but the dash across the city with a 2 tonne suitcase was well worth it.
About a week ago Five Guys, an American diner, opened down in Piccadilly Circus and today we queued for about 40 minutes just to get a taste. I didn't get to devour it until I made it to the ticket office and onto the right platform.

I ended an amazing day on Tuesday, modelling for James at Wella Academy, with tequila shots and 'Phili Fries' in MeatLiquor with Karl, John and Riccardo. I also had a few shots taken by a new scouting agency, but unfortunately didn't make it to any agency open calls.

Today I woke up late, after a 5.30am get up on Tuesday (yawn),  met up with Adam in Shoreditch for food and it wasn't long before we were joined by Laura, a make up artist I've worked with and John (again!). We soaked up the sunshine on Brick Lane before Karl met up with us, went for beer at Boxpark Pieminster and then walked with a bounce in our step to Five Guys.

Apart from the stressful evening, the past couple of days have been a great time for me to meet up with people I've wanted to say 'Hi' to for a long time. There's something about London that makes me feel so grateful, from people that give you somewhere to stay, to waitresses, you know through a friend, that get you a table in the popular MeatLiquor. I always manage to hook people up with worthwhile contacts that I know, and that for me is really fulfilling; it's crazy listening to the different stories, people from different parts of the creative industry, have.

I cannot wait to move here.

Here's a few photos:

REVIEW | Topshop High Pigment Eyeshadow

eyeshadow - Topshop
brow gel - Benefit

So basically, I am not a make-up kinda girl, but this little box of goodness caught my eye when I was doing some, very rare, browsing in Topshop. I love the geometric design on the box and that's what drew me to it. This palette of three is cleverly named 'Prism' and the pigments are strong and vibrant. I used the matte black to create the infamous "smokey eye" effect the other night and today I used the rose gold/ pale bronze as an eyeliner underneath my bottom eyelid. The colours are pretty safe whilst adding a hint of shine to any outfit.

Also, I'm obsessed with grooming my eyebrows to perfection now and Benefit Speed Gel is great. I just used clear mascara before and that does the trick if you don't wanna pay the price of Benefit!

LIFE | Re-evaluation

So I've decided I need to start keeping up on this blog as there are many readers out there that probably don't have Instagram/Twitter which I document most of my stuff on. Here is a round up of the past couple of weeks in pictures.

My boy, Andy, left for Manchester yesterday and the chances are I won't see him again for a year as he goes to Hong Kong in September. We went out for Mexican food at Chilaca's and the staff and service there was brilliant. We indulged in a few quirky beverages, possibly a few too many, including Tequila Teacups which were delish! The next morning was pretty hazy, as you can imagine, and we went for brunch at this new joint on Corporation Street called Boston Tea Party.

Factory Fox, my near namesake, were kind enough to send me some fresh tees for summer and I absolutely love them, the quality is pristine. 

I had a really fun shoot for Diffusion on Thursday and it involved the new Wildfox sunglasses, might have to get myself a pair! I also have a thing for red lipstick since I accidentally purchased one the other day. Everyone seems to like the red lip on me, which came as a bit of a surprise as I don't see myself as a make-up kinda girl.

Andy bought me this lovely, soft grain, leather phone pouch from Cos for me, just before he left.

My shug, Buddy, also had a trip to the barbers this week.

And, finally, after damaging the strap mechanism on my limited edition Swatch whilst training for pole vault the other week, I finally got it fixed within seconds by the lovely staff in store. Kudos to the Swiss giant for helping us loyal customers for free.

Let's hope I keep on top of the posts!

LIFE | The White Pepper

So I've been really busy with college lately and received my results a couple of days ago. The hard work paid off and I got an A in my English Language exam, which means I could get an A* at the end of my A Levels.

On top of this I've had a few photoshoots to do, mostly for The White Pepper. They have been featured in Trap Magazine and also Company Magazine with my face emblazoned over the pages. They have also recently hooked up with ASOS meaning their label is booming.