LIFE | London

I am writing this from the luxury of my train seat after almost missing it, but the dash across the city with a 2 tonne suitcase was well worth it.
About a week ago Five Guys, an American diner, opened down in Piccadilly Circus and today we queued for about 40 minutes just to get a taste. I didn't get to devour it until I made it to the ticket office and onto the right platform.

I ended an amazing day on Tuesday, modelling for James at Wella Academy, with tequila shots and 'Phili Fries' in MeatLiquor with Karl, John and Riccardo. I also had a few shots taken by a new scouting agency, but unfortunately didn't make it to any agency open calls.

Today I woke up late, after a 5.30am get up on Tuesday (yawn),  met up with Adam in Shoreditch for food and it wasn't long before we were joined by Laura, a make up artist I've worked with and John (again!). We soaked up the sunshine on Brick Lane before Karl met up with us, went for beer at Boxpark Pieminster and then walked with a bounce in our step to Five Guys.

Apart from the stressful evening, the past couple of days have been a great time for me to meet up with people I've wanted to say 'Hi' to for a long time. There's something about London that makes me feel so grateful, from people that give you somewhere to stay, to waitresses, you know through a friend, that get you a table in the popular MeatLiquor. I always manage to hook people up with worthwhile contacts that I know, and that for me is really fulfilling; it's crazy listening to the different stories, people from different parts of the creative industry, have.

I cannot wait to move here.

Here's a few photos:


  1. I really want to try MeatLiquor! Sounds like you had a lovely time in London! Also please wear more orange it looks os good on you (Im jealous, it doesn't suit me!)

  2. Appreciate you blogginng this