LIFE | Occasion

Yesterday was brilliant.

I went Christmas shopping with my family and we managed to go most of the day without arguing, which is a very rare thing. I had insisted I have objects for Christmas; instead of just plain money, this is because I knew I would end up spending the money on stupid ideas of happiness. My brother had a new skateboard made up in the new Vans shop whilst me & my mama went and browsed Cos. She bought me the platform shoes that I have wanted for a long time and a bangle.

It was also my friend Laura's birthday & Secret Santa exchange day, so I left my family to meet my friends and buy her a present. We bought her a crystal pendant necklace and a card from Urban Outfitters. Personally, I think everything in there is overpriced and slightly overrated, but Laura studies Geology so we thought we'd get something pretty but at the same time means something to her. After this we went to Pizza Express and ordered three Margherita pizzas and a goat's cheese & mozzarella pizza (for me and Polly).

ARCHITECTURE | Precious Metal

This steel slide, designed by Turett Collaborative Architects (TCA), connects two penthouse condos in the East Village of New York City. Playgrounds can be inspiring architectural ideas.



"Jewellery takes people's minds off your wrinkles."
                                                                                       ~ Sonja Henie

The ability to produce sleek, simple jewellery is sought after by many. Cos has that ability. They have created modern, contemporary pieces which could add shine & sophistication to any outfit.

'Folded Bangle'

'Hinged triple ring'