WORDS | How to pronounce designer names

I made this quite a while ago now, and it attracted a lot of interest on Tumblr, so I thought I'd post it here for you! I'll probably add to it over time.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua: Ala-SAND-roe del-LA-kwa

Ann Demeulemeester: Ann DEH-moo-lah-MEE-ster

Bottega Veneta: BO-teg-a VEN-eta

Burberry Prorsum: BUR-bur-ree proar-SOME

Christian Louboutin: CHRISH-tan LOO-beh-tin/CHRISH-tee-ahn LOO-boo-tehn or CHRISH-tee-ahn loo-boo-TAHN, depending on which store you call.

Comme des Garçons: Comb day gar-SON

Dior Homme: Dee-OAR OM

Dolce & Gabbana: DOLE-chay and gab-BON-a

Dries Van Noten: DREEZE van KNOW-ten

DSquared2: DEE squared

Giles Deacon: Jy-els Dee-KIN

Givenchy: Zshee-VON-she

Gucci: GOO-chi

Haute couture: If you say ‘Hot Kew-ture’ or Kucher, you’ll want to change that to ‘OAT ku tour’ (trust me)

Hedi Slimane: Eddy slim-MAHN

Hermès: AIR-mehz

Issey Miyake: Eees-AY Me-Yah-Kee

John Varvatos: John var-VAY-toes

Junya Watanabe: JUNE-ya Wah-TAH-nah-beh

Kris Van Assche: Chris van-ASH

Lanvin: Lon-VAUN

Louis Vuitton: Loo-E vo-WE-ton

Maison Martin Margiela: MAZE-on Mar-TIN mar-GEL-a

Moschino: mo-SKEEN-o

Raf Simons: rauph SEE-mon

Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren (as in Lauren the girl’s name, not Sophia Loren)

Rei Kawakubo: Ray Kah-wah-koo-bo

Sonia Rykiel: Sonia Ree-KEE-eel

Salvatore Ferragamo: Sal-va-TOH-reh Fair-a-GAH-moe

Veronique Branquinho: Ve-ro-NEEK BRANG-kee-no

Versace: ver-SAH-chay

Yohji Yamamoto: YO-jee ya-MA-moto

Yves Saint Laurent: EVE Sane-LOR-aunt

Zegna: ZANE-ya

RUNWAY| Spring 2012 Details

I will always love the rawness to some preview photos of collections. The detail is infinite and they most certainly aren't edited until they look nothing like the real thing.

Giambattista Valli / Spring 2012 Preview

Giambattista Valli / Spring 2012 Preview Couture

Rick Owens / Spring 2012 Preview

Givenchy / Spring 2012 Preview

Givenchy / Spring 2012 Preview
Shark Tooth Necklace

Jason Wu / Spring 2012 Preview

Jason Wu / Spring 2012 Preview
Lindsey Wixson

Jason Wu / Spring 2012 Preview

CREDIT: Vogue.com

STYLE | Fucknfilthy

I've been lucky enough to receive some garments from FucknFilthy's new range, for a photo shoot, modelled by me, organised by Joshua Gordon and photographed by Ash Kingston.

They're a brand new label focused on creating clean, modern illustrations and prints. They have had sales all over the world. Since the launch of FucknFilthy clothing back in 2010 the majority of pieces have quickly flown out with sales spanning from Tokyo to Paris & from London to New York.

URBAN | Street Talk

Graffiti has always been around, from concrete walls to wooden school desks, there's something about it that brings out your inner rebel and your adrenaline kicks in, hard. Here are just a few of the most unusual but meaningful photos I've found.

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STYLE | Candy rock

It's time to give that pastel coloured outfit an edge. Pastel colours are starting to look dull and old, up the ante and add a bit of mystery and dark spirit.