STYLE | Uterque

Online shopping's best kept secret is now out in the open,

It belongs to one of the most important fashion design & distribution groups in the world, Inditex, which is made up of 8 chains:  ZaraMassimo DuttiBershkaZara HomeStradivariusPull and BearOysho and Uterqüe.

And right now, they are killing the tropical trend. Here are a few of my favourites. 

LIFE | Suffering from Perfectionism

LED Installation - Yee Wong
Nails - Madeline Poole
PlaqueBasim Magdy
Editorials - Marlen Keller S/S12 and Maud Welzen in Zoo Magazine S/S12
Bed - Unknown
I don't really talk about my personal state much online. I tend to keep myself to myself, which is unusual as I am quite an extrovert. But recently I've come to question myself. Maybe I have a different persona online.

I have been lucky to experience many things in my life including a variety of sports. And yes, I can picture that baffled look on your face.

I am a sportswoman, I have been shaped into the person I am now by the activities I take part in. From horse-riding to golf and from gymnastics to 400m hurdles. You name it, there's a 95% chance I've done it.
Although sport plays a huge part in my life many of you readers would not realise this.

"How is it possible that you can be indulging yourself in sport & fashion simultaneously" you ask? I don't have an answer. I've had a very good upbringing, born into an extremely open-minded family, and keeping the perfect balance of education, sports and my online networking with fashion and culture has been tough.

There are some days where my perfectionism and "OCD" ways get in the way of my life and I crumble. Take today for example, I was extremely close to closing down every online account I owned, including this one. This all spurred from reading Tavi's blog after a long time and seeing others being successful with their blogs got me down. According to my family I am too hard on myself. I'm also told continuously that I can't be a "Jack of all trades" - but what if I can!

My career path is set in plasticine, I can mould it to fit any situation. But the basis is that I finish college, take up a foundation course in Art & Design, move to London, get an internship or, even better, a job. Then from there I will decide my next course in life. Do I take a course in "Fashion Sportswear" at LCF? Do I work my way up the ranks in a business or design company? Do I set up my own label?  Do I train for the next Olympics? I want the possibilities to be endless.