REVIEW | Topshop High Pigment Eyeshadow

eyeshadow - Topshop
brow gel - Benefit

So basically, I am not a make-up kinda girl, but this little box of goodness caught my eye when I was doing some, very rare, browsing in Topshop. I love the geometric design on the box and that's what drew me to it. This palette of three is cleverly named 'Prism' and the pigments are strong and vibrant. I used the matte black to create the infamous "smokey eye" effect the other night and today I used the rose gold/ pale bronze as an eyeliner underneath my bottom eyelid. The colours are pretty safe whilst adding a hint of shine to any outfit.

Also, I'm obsessed with grooming my eyebrows to perfection now and Benefit Speed Gel is great. I just used clear mascara before and that does the trick if you don't wanna pay the price of Benefit!


  1. H&M do a really good and cheap brow gel, which doesn't get 'crispy' on the brows like some clear mascaras do. Although it's not tinted like the Benefit one, so that's the only drawback!

  2. If you are using eyeshadow then its really a good decision. Pigment eyeshadow is also an advantageous option to pick. So try this product once and get benefited.