STYLE | Metallic

I recently fell in love with the silver windbreaker by Acne,  but on closer inspection in Selfridges I realised that it wasn't at all worth the £200 price tag it had, hanging forlornly from the zip. So I did some research and came across a Sirocco silver windbreaker on eBay, not of the same weak material, but a stronger one. It was a complete bargain for £13.

But my love of metallics continue, I spotted these Marni brogues in a random i-D Magazine I found lying around in Andy's flat, the bond was instantaneous. I am searching for some very similar or a spare pair that I can DIY (I don't want to ruin my other pairs).

The windbreaker will also appear in a future music video for Chad Valley, where I play the part of an extraterrestrial girl wandering around a barren planet, or a deep, excavated sand quarry located near Severn Trent (the smell was awful). I think I took most of the sand home with me!


  1. The metallic Marnis are awesome! Seen similar ones by Comme and Margiela. Not sure about the high street though - I often think cheap metallics

    1. Yeah high street is a definite no no! Unless you want pieces of silver foil peeling off at every opportunity.

  2. I'm a bit of a brogue addict, those are gorgeous and I love how you found that jacket on ebay!

  3. I like this wind breaker , where can i find it i want to buy one for me