LIFE | October

October vibes, in pictures.

October has been a funny month. After such a horrible and shocking summer I've had to get back into the swing of things, regarding my final year of 6th Form college, so quickly and it's amazing how easily it can get you stressed. UCAS, deadlines, coursework, it all adds up. Thankfully I'm a pretty organised person if I don't get behind.

Last year was an awful year. My Chemistry teachers never turned up, my Sports teacher was not fit to teach (she has since been, subtly, demoted), my art teacher turned buddhist due to a break up with his wife and manic depression, and my other art teacher was a GCSE moderator turned A Level supply teacher, and laughed in my face at the use of a certain font in my piece.

All-in-all a disaster, apart from my brilliant success in AS English Language - I love you Sarah Mackenzie!

And now I'm organising my 18th, and wow, what a stress that is.

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